The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Ronin.

Welcome frens, old and new.

We’ve been busy, and now the time is nearly upon us, the mighty minting event that will be talked about by all future generations of Ronin. Soon we will be minting the Ronin Zero, the first generation of NFT playable characters to grace the Ragnarök metaverse. The Ronin is your digital identity, your profile picture, your in-game character.

Slay monsters, level up, change classes, loot items, breed, exchange, buy and sell property… The list goes on! We are building a true metaverse: Ragnarök will take you on an adventure, telling you a story you take part in. And it’s not too late to get involved! With an upcoming public mint and a scant few places still remaining on our Pixel List, let’s take a look at what it’s all about.

The metaRPG.

Ragnarök is the metaRPG; an MMORPG set in a metaverse. We are building a new kind of game combining Lore, Web3, Metaverse, and Role Playing Game, where manga chapters and game content go hand in hand.

  • Lore: Be part of an immersive storytelling experience, where 77 Manga Chapters and fresh in-game content influence, inform and bleed into each other. You can read the trailer here.
  • Web3: Own your identity, own your accessories, own property. Earn, breed and sell Ronin, buy, sell and trade NFT items, rent out advertising space, and more.
  • Metaverse: A hyper social hub where you can hang out with your friends, play games, take part in activities, attend events, or just straight up vibe n chill.
  • Role Playing Game: Go on quests, combat monsters, loot NFT objects, battle players in the PvP arena, gain experience points, level up, change classes, and specialise.

More than a dope profile picture, the 7777 Ronin Zero give you exclusive access to our game world. Ronin Zero are the only generation that are able to breed without first evolving in-game, and will have the cheapest breeding rates of any generation. Items and accessories that come with the Ronin Zero are exclusive to this generation and soul-bound to your NFT. They also come with initial stats bonuses, as well as giving access to token or items airdrops, and $RAG community access.

The Guide.

Right now, our demo is live, you can head there to get a tasty slice of our game-pie and find out what all the fuss is about. In May, we will be releasing the Beta version of our game. This will be the full game architecture, you can come and play every day with your NFT as in-game character, though initially we will be in a Beta-testing phase. Gradually, over the following months, we will start to roll out more and more mechanics, leading to the release of our game economy in August.

Release schedule for the next few months:

  • NFT Minting — April 27.
  • Playable Characters — May.
  • Breeding — May.
  • Marketplace — June.
  • First Manga Chapter — June.
  • Combat Monsters — June.
  • Level Up & Classes — June.
  • NFT Items — July.
  • $RAG Economy — August.
  • Combat Players (PvP) — September.
  • Buildings, Billboards and Pixel Dimension — December.

If that’s the plan for this year, just imagine all the exciting things we’ve got lined up for the next ten!

Buy a building, customise it, and rent out billboards for advertising revenue.

The Conclusion.

Ragnarök gameplay will include combat and questing, your character is an NFT that can evolve over time, picking up new skills and levelling up, the in-game currency is a crypto token that you can swap and stake, and the game is built on a strong social aspect with an amazing community at its heart. With incredible art, original music, enchanting lore, a manga comic, and so much more… what’s not to like?

Want to become a Ronin?

You’re not too late!

There is more alpha coming soon, so if you’re not already a member of our fast-growing family, join us on Discord.

Twitter: @RagnarokMeta and @0xFanfaron.


Manga: Ragnarök



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