Ronin Rarity.

On May 9th, 2022, 7777 Ronin Zero are to be unleashed on the world. They will be a devastatingly dope bunch of rebel warriors, here to level up and join the fight against the invading Cyborg. Not all Ronin are born equal though, some will mint with rarer traits than others. Some traits are purely cosmetic, a dope flex for your PFP, while others offer extra in-game utility. When your newly minted Ronin is revealed, the first thing you’re going to do is inspect every little detail, so you can start to understand more about who they are. With that in mind, it’s time to look a little closer at the traits and attributes you can expect to find distributed across the Ronin Zero.


The biggest influence on our aesthetic is manga, we wanted that classic thick black outline. Colour came to manga much later, but for purists manga is black and white, like in our manga chapters, so this is why you see that thick outline on all our Ronin NFTs. Next, we divided our Ronin into Types. Our game is set in the future, but the Earth is still inhabited by humans, so the majority of the Ronin are human. Apes and Punks represent the virtual side of things, a blend of the virtual and the concrete, with their numbers being a play on crypto culture and memetics 420 and 69. Numbering only 11, as a representation of their binary nature, we have the Cyborg. A mixture between artificial and organic, Cyborg are the rarest of Ronin, combining elements of the physical and virtual worlds into something magical, and powerful.

Function and Form.

We want each trait to have utility inside the game, and we want people to be able to quickly identify what’s rare and what’s not. As Mies Van De Rohe said, less is more, so keep it simple stupid. We wanted to have somewhere between the number of traits of Punks (90) and Apes (190), so we settled on 177. This means with a quick look you can tell what’s rare and what’s not. Apes and Punk are rare, the Cyborg are rare, Pixel items are rare, and a combination of any of those elements is even more rare. Someone with no hair is super rare. The rarity of all the other attributes are a reflection of what is rare in real life, and what the utility is inside the game. Let’s have a look at all the traits in more detail.


First up, we’ve got the types. Guys, Girls, Apes, Punks and Cyborg create the genetic pool of Ronin Zero. A total of 4072 Guys make up 52.36% of all Ronin, while 3205 Girls make up another 41.21% of our total population. Apes and Punks, numbering 420 and 69 respectively (and respekfully), are far less numerous, being among the token few who have escaped the metaverse and joined our rebel Ronin in this universe. The rarest of the rare, also joining us from the other realm, are the Cyborg, a sum total of 11 badass broskis.

Your Ronin’s type will define them to some extent. For starters, when your Ronin Guy spawns as a noob, he has slightly more Strength than his female counterpart, but is lacking the same smarts. The Girl noob, therefore, is not quite so strong, but possesses greater Intelligence. Apes have greater Strength from day one, while Punks are blessed with a boost to their Agility. The Cyborg, those sneaky so-and-so’s, have greater Intelligence and are blessed with more Pixel (alpha!) as well.


Everyone wants a Cyborg. Cyborg can have one of two skins, either Yin or Yang. Punks, also dope, can be Pale, Hazelnut or Honey skinned. Apes come with White, Grey or Brown Fur. Guys and Girls will be Dolce, Porcelain, Honey, Hazelnut, or Blue. Hang on, Blue? Heck yes! Blue is the rarest skin for a human, with a total of 676 possessing this complexion. Other rare skins include White Fur, which is only attached to 89 Apes, Pale Skin, which is only attributed to 7 Punks, and the rarest of all, Yin. Only three Cyborg will have this skin, making up a miniscule 0.04% of the total Ronin Zero population.


Background is one attribute that has no in-game utility, though different colours can add health points, and of course add a lot to your Twitter profile. The possibilities are many and varied, with the rarest being Pixelated, which is limited to just 19 legendary PFPs.


Weapons are nice. Slice, dice, bludgeon and batter. Weapons are definitely an advantage when it comes to beating the living heck out of people and Pixels. Too bad 2369 Ronin Zero will have to wait and buy or loot their first weapon at a later date. That’s right, only just over half of Ronin Zero will come with weapons, so if you mint with a baseball bat or katana, count yourself lucky. We will go into more detail on weapons in a future article, but as we’re talking rarity, we can just mention that the four rarest weapons are all based on the Pixel trait.


Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but being able to see definitely has its advantages. Eyes are the window to the soul, and whatever your Ronin’s eyes look like, they will give some boost in Intelligence. The rarer they are, the greater this boost will be, so if you mint with the rarest eyes, you’ve minted yourself a sharp lil Ronin to boot. Pixelated eyes are the rarest trait. Other rarities in the ocular area include Fire and Lightnings, each one only gracing the faces of 99 Ronin. Not content with simply having eyes, some Ronin are rocking eyewear, accessorising their beautiful peepers with a variety of different glasses, goggles and headsets. Shades, for example, will appear on 2.51% of Ronin, Ski Goggles on 2.44%, and Pixel Glasses are limited to just 0.44%.


The majority of Ronin, 4434 to be precise, will come without headgear. The remainder have a good selection of rarities shared between them, which not only add to your profile vibes but also give a strength boost to your in-game character. From Pixel Horns (0.77%) to Helmets (0.99%), Conical Hat (1.99%) to Baseball Caps (3.09%). Whatever headgear you get, it’s guaranteed to be rare.


If you’ve been following our sneak peeks you will have noticed we got some different oral accessories and looks going on. What does it mean, what does it do? Well, from Cigarettes (3.48%) to Bubblegum (3.50%), a White FF7P Mask (2.62%) to a Black FF7P Mask (2.04%) or even the hallowed Pixel Bubblegum (0.99%), your mouthpiece is gonna give you a Synchronium boost.


Sorry guys, but clothes are mandatory in the metaverse too (maybe not for everyone tho, one Naked girl exists). Clothes give you a Vitality boost, and also protect you from catching a chill in the Wilds. There are a number of different colour t-shirts, a favourite being the 42069 T-Shirt, which is limited to 299 Ronin, 3.84% of y’all. We got Cloaks (204, 2.62%), a variety of bomber jackets, and Mountain Jackets (yellow or red with less than 2%). Fanfaron’s Jacket? Yep. 77 Ronin bought the same coat as Fanfaron (was probably on discount), and are rocking it in the metaverse. If you get a kimono though, you’re winning. Super-rare Yellow Kimonos (39, 0.50%) and Pink Kimonos (29, 0.37%) are guaranteed to turn heads as you walk down the street.


Hair, it must be said, provides no in-game utility. It does look good, though, and comes in a variety of styles, though fluffy hair is for some reason missing. Spiky, Samurai, Swept, Wild, Semi-Bun, Long, Flowy, Short, Pixie, Ponytail, Psycho, Modern, we’ve got all the hairstyles.


With all this talk of Pixel, you might be asking, Pixel? Aw yeah dawg. Pixel. It’s like magic for the metaverse, and on top of it being a statistical feature, some Ronin will be blessed with Pixel traits and accessories. Pixelated backgrounds, Pixel Weapons, Pixel Eyes, Pixel Horns, Pixel Bubblegum, and even a Pixel Hair Bun will be among the rarest attributes your Ronin can have. Aside from hair, all of these attributes will give some kind of boost, as well as looking damn cool and being the rarest of traits.

With the reveal fast approaching, it is worth keeping a close eye on our official Twitter @RagnarokMeta. You can also head to to check out our demo, follow our founder @0xFanfaron, and come and hang out with us for a vibe n chill in our Discord.




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